Spinosi Tagliatelle Egg Pasta | Italy

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Spinosi makes award-winning pasta mixed exclusively with whole fresh eggs. Tagliatelle is a traditional type of pasta from the Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions. It is similar to fettuccine in that it is long, flat, and about 5mm wide. The name of this pasta comes from the verb 'Tagliare, which means 'to cut'. Cooking time: 2 minutes. Vincenzo Spinosi has established the Spinosi name in the most prestigious restaurants and shops worldwide. Using only the finest ingredients and a natural drying process, Spinosi creates pasta with a consistent and unmistakable porosity that swells considerably during a very short cooking time. The success of this pasta is based on the Spinosi family's passion for their work and their c love and appreciation for the finest pasta anywhere.

Brand: Spinosi
Size: 8.8 Oz.

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