Spicy Honey Pepper Balsamic
Spicy Honey Pepper Balsamic
Spicy Honey Pepper Balsamic

Spicy Honey Pepper Balsamic

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AGED Balsamic Vinegar | Modena, ITALY

Spicy Honey Pepper Balsamic - The sweet and sour notes of our honey vinegar base are beautifully balanced by an assertive kick of habanero. The flavor complexity of this vinegar shines through in stir fries, vinaigrettes, fresh salsas, and more.

All Natural, no artificial flavors or additional ingredients.

Salsa, Ceviche, Bloody Marys, shrimp, drizzled over sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese. Dressings for leafy greens, potato, pasta and rice salads.

Blood Orange, Lime, Lemon, Chipotle, Tuscan Herb, Roasted Onion or Any Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Flavored Olive Oil in our Selection.

spicy honey pepper balsamic vinegar

INGREDIENTS: Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, Cooked Grape Must, Honey, Infused Hot Pepper, Natural Flavors. *SULPHITE FREE!
All natural, gluten-free, no msg, no alcohol, and free of any peanut products.

Our naturally infused balsamic vinegar is caramel color-free, free of added sugar or thickeners and aged in wood barrels of the traditional style in Modena, Italy.



Customer Reviews

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Lorraine Daymidwinter
Hot and Sweet!

It is the most wonderful balance of spicy heat and sweet honey!
I love to use this in my Asian stir fry recipe. A little goes a long way.

David Weinraub
Spicy Honey Pepper Balsamic

This is my first time using this balsamic but it was a great topper to my baked Brussel sprouts it added a nice sweet spice that paired really well and brought the Brussel sprouts to a new level.



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