Olive Oil Pour Spout - Red

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Olive Oil Pour Spout - Red - This self-closing pour spout with a weighted flap is ideal for olive oil or balsamic. It controls the pour, and its patented technology ensures self-opening and closing by tilting the bottle. It comes in different colors to help differentiate what is in the bottle. It has a rubber base that makes it highly durable and long-lasting.

  • Self-Opening
  • Stainless Steel - easy to wash
  • Broad rubber base that fits olive oil, vinegar, beer and wine bottles
  • Fits 200ml, 375ml, 750ml, 1000ml bottles
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Customer Reviews

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Toni Taylor
A simple device serving a simple purpose makes cooking easier

I ordered 3 Olive Oil pour spouts for cooking oils stored in re-purposed wine bottles next to the stove. Who knew that such a well designed basic gizmo could make cooking so much eaiser. Securely shaking oil into a hot pan to get started frees up the creative juices.
I'll never stifle creativity again with the cautious pouring oil out of a regular oil bottle.
Nicely done. I'll be ordering more.

Jessie Wilkes
Pouring spout

This olive oil pouring spout is the best thing I've ever bought it is great let me tell you if you want to pull olive oil this is the way to do it