Kansas City Steak Rub
Kansas City Steak Rub

Kansas City Steak Rub

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Kansas City Steak Rub is a classic steakhouse seasoning blend. It combines large pieces of black peppercorns with brown sugar, paprika, garlic, mustard seeds and herbs to create the perfect rub for flavoring steaks and barbecue pork. The black pepper and paprika provide some blackening and the brown sugar caramelizes during cooking to create a slight glaze on the meat. Great on BBQ, Pork, Steak.

2.8oz glass shaker

All Natural Ingredients: Mixed spices and herbs (black pepper, chili powder, celery seed, mustard, paprika, thyme), sugar and dry molasses, sea salt, garlic. Contains: Wheat, soy.

All natural, no MSG, and free of any peanut products. Contains Wheat, Soy.

Kansas City Steak Rub





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