Cherry Smoked Sea Salts

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Cherry Smoked Sea Salts - Take your entrées to the next level by seasoning with this exquisite smoked salt preferred by chefs around the world. Smoked Cherrywood Sea Salt is made with pure sea salt that has been slowly smoked above a Maine Cherrywood fire - a centuries-old process. The result is a smooth, slightly sweet tasting sea salt, without harshness or bitterness. Enjoy it on meat, poultry, fish and more. This gorgeous aromatic salt is a must-have for those dishes you want to add flair too. Use our Smoked Cherrywood Sea Salt whenever you want to add dramatic flavor to your dishes.

Use for:  Great for use on meat, poultry, fish, other meats, vegetables, starches, eggs and more. Can also be added to the rim of your favorite ales or rum cocktails.


5.5 oz Glass Shaker


Pacific Sea Salt smoked with Cherry Wood

Nutrition and Allergens

All natural, gluten free, no msg, and free of any peanut products.
Shelf Life: 2 years

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