About Us

Georgetown Olive Oil Company is a family-owned business at its core,it`s a place where love for healthy food and lifestyle is formed. Our empowered staff provides guests and customers with exceptional service and hospitality. We strive to enrich our community in ways that are relevant, but also exciting and tasty. Our aim is to promote healthy and joyful lifestyle.

Fresh olive oil binds with the flavors of food and forms a bridge to your taste buds. Fresh, high-quality extra virgin olive oils contain more nutrients and will provide far more of the famous health benefits liquid gold is known for. The best olive oils are pure and healthful.

A lot of the extra virgin olive oil isn`t what it says on the bottle, sometimes it`s not even extra virgin, and sometimes it`s not even made from olives. The fake olive oil industry seems to have a history as long as the olive industry itself.
The best olive oils are not easy to find, and it`s quite possible that, just like most people, you have never had a truly excellent extra virgin olive oil. The good news is that once you have tasted a high-quality olive oil, your life will never be the same.
We are here to deliver to you the freshest olive oils available on the market and we select each of our products very carefully. We celebrate the diversity and difference in olive oil styles and when choosing our oils we take into consideration their unique flavor profiles, versatility in use, and their superior quality.
Every product in our store and on our website is a true reflection of the labors and passions of individual producers and olive farmers.
We believe that you deserve to get what you pay for, and we have the freshest and most flavorful oils among them all.
But don’t take our word for it…. Come in and taste the difference.



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