Lebanese Olive Oil Soap - Pure

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Lebanese Olive Oil Soap - Pure - SAIFAN soaps are made of pure extra virgin olive oil extracted from hand picked olives grown in the northern part of Lebanon, the land of the Phoenicians. The art of this product has been handed down from generation to generation and remains unaltered to date. The benefits of SAIFAN soaps are clearly noticeable when used for body and hair.


4.4 oz Bar


Olive Oil, pit olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, water, musk fragrance, sodium hydroxide.

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    Kenneth Hawk
    Great Product - Small Profile

    Very happy with the product itself, but the small bar size is off-putting and difficult to handle. As a result, I will not be purchasing again.

    Jack Wilkison

    Wasn’t what I expected, it works as far as soap goes. I was trying to treat my dry skin condition with a different type of soap. So far my skin feels the same after showering.

    Fadia A House
    Great olive oil soap

    When I was a little girl that is all that we used to bathe and to wash our hair. I am very happy to be able to buy it here in the States. It is a great soap. Thank you for carrying it and we are able to buy it.