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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

All Natural Skincare

Just like olive oil is a healthy part of your diet, it can also be a worthy addition to your skincare routine. Your skin plays an essentials part in detoxifying your body, so it's important to keep it as clean and healthy as possible.

DC's # 1 Choice for FRESH Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Georgetown Olive Oil Co.™

Discover a World of Flavor in Every Drop! Explore our collection of high polyphenol extra virgin olive oils, aged Italian balsamic, and gourmet delights. Your go-to destination for FRESH tastes and health-conscious choices.

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Our Best Selling Balsamic

18 YRS Aged Balsamic

Barrel Aged from Modena, ITALY

Add unique touch to your kitchen

Handmade Italian Ceramics

Oil & Vinegar Dispensers, Dipping dishers and more...