Black and White Truffle Oil Collection

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Black and White Truffle Collection - a few drops of truffle oil will transform a pasta or egg dish and serve as a sublime drizzle for cooked vegetables. Our boxed set of two 60ml (2oz) bottles of white and black truffle specialty olive oils will enable you to keep these flavors on hand without the risk of their going stale. The set also makes a handy and very popular gift or stocking stuffer.

BOTTLE SIZE: 60ml (2oz)

Use on

Great on Eggs, Pasta, Rice Potatoes, Steak, Chicken and Seafood. Use to finish grilled and roasted vegetables, add to sauces,  

Pairs with

Bourbon and Champagne White Balsamic

Nutrition Facts

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Truffles Flavor from Truffles



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Another excellent choice

This small pairing works well for me. I buy so many other oils and vinegar’s when I go to the National Harbor location that I do not have a lot of space left, so these small ones are great. They go well on my ramen noodles and as a finishing oil on steak. If you like truffle, you will get awesome flavor from both of these.