Habanero & Lime Olive Oil

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* HARVEST DEC 2022 | High Polyphenols | Cold Infusion
Habanero & Lime Olive Oil - Hot, but not overwhelming, this is for serious hot pepper fans who want true flavor. Just like Habaneros & Limes our delicious olive oil is fruity, floral, sweet, and bursting with pungency. Great in hot sauces, powders, and rubs, lending its unique hot citrus taste to all sorts of culinary adventures.

All Natural, no artificial flavors or additional ingredients.

Use On:

Use in potato salad, marinades, over poultry, in sauces such as BBQ sauce, brushed on grilled meats, with vegetables, and even pasta.

Pairs With:

Red Apple Balsamic
Pomegranate Balsamic
Blackberry-Ginger Balsamic
Grapefruit White Balsamic
Traditional Balsamic

Nutrition Facts:

INGREDIENTS: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Habanero Oil, Lime
MADE FROM: Koroneiki Olives
ORIGIN - Greece
All natural, gluten-free, no msg, no alcohol, and free of any peanut products.


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Fantastic Service - Great infused Oils

We've tried local and grocery chain store - Infused Oils - and they either are not carried or slightly subpar. We've been using Gerogetown olive oils for serveral years and the whole family enjoys "their" specfic type and Gerogetown Olive gives us that wide -spectrum of favors! There in store service and shipping was absolutely FANTASTIC

Paulette Hopson
Rosemary Olive Oil

When I purchased this product, I made a mistake on buying two, it will come in handy once I start to use it. Flavor is delicious and wonderful. I love this product. WOW flavor.

Just Enough

I use this in so many dishes. Adds just enough heat. I let my chicken sit overnight with a gentle rub and the bake or stir fry is fantastic. I got a 12 year old that feels the same. Love there products.

Dees Par

Love the flavor.

Marco A Martinez
Delicious Olive Oil with a Slight Kick

Big fan of this extra virgin olive oil for a long time and keep refilling as soon as it is about to run out. I love the citrus flavor from the limes and the heat from the habaneros which is not overwhelming. I use it in my salads, pasta, and also with bread. Highly recommend it!!!!!!