Greek Olio Nuovo UHP | Ultra High Polyphenols

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*Harvest: OCT 2023 | Country of Origin: GREECE

BOTTLE SIZE: 375ml (12.7oz)

Greek Olio Nuovo UHP | Ultra High Polyphenols - We are thrilled to introduce to you a new generation of extra virgin olive oil. A Super High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the medicinal properties of this olive oil are exceptional with a polyphenol count of 1059 mg/kg and an oleocanthal count of 659 mg/kg! An extremely spicy, bitter, and peppery olive oil guaranteed to make you cough and possibly sneeze.

It is produced from early harvest, green Koroneiki, and Kalamon (aka Kalamata) olives.

*First Cold Pressed | Extra Virgin
*Total Polyphenols: 1059 mg/kg
*Oleocanthal 659 mg/kg
*Oleacein 183 mg/kg
*Total Tyrosol: 820 mg/kg
*Hydroxytyrosol: 239 mg/kg
*FFA: 0.25%
*Peroxides: 3.89


Great for any culinary use - Sautéing, grilling, roasting, frying, baking, and finishing dishes.

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Any Balsamic and Vinegar in our selection.

Nutritional Facts

single variety olive oil nutritional facts

Ingredients: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Harvest: OCT 2023
Olive Variety: Koroneiki and Kalamon (Kalamata)
All natural, gluten-free, no msg, no alcohol, and free of any peanut products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Time for more Georgetown Olive Oil

I was looking for a high quality, great tasting extra virgin olive oil, and I absolutely found it. I savored every tablespoon.

Christopher J Borgal

Worth every penny.

Rachel Lovins
I just want more

This was recommended to me by a wellness physician and I bought for health reasons but I’m about to buy more because it’s exceedingly delicious!

John Reinhardt
Try it!!

And you’ll more than like it!! I’ve incorporated into my diet mainly for medicinal purposes (though I like the taste too). A shot glass full every morning just improves my day in every way and I can actually notice it. Energy, alertness, digestion, etc. Just give it a try and you’ll see what I mean. But give it some time to work, you know.

Juan Rodriguez

Wow, the oil is amazing. Its a strong taste, but that means that is FULL of polyphenols, which was what i was looking for. I definitely recommend it.