Garlic Infused Olive Oil - Georgetown Olive Oil Co.
Garlic Infused Olive Oil - Georgetown Olive Oil Co.
Garlic Infused Olive Oil - Georgetown Olive Oil Co.

Garlic Infused Olive Oil

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* HARVEST NOV 2022 | High Polyphenols | Cold Infusion

Garlic Infused Olive Oil is strong pungent and heated and goes well with a variety of flavors. It is ideal when used in stir-fries, soups, sauces, and curries. It goes well with chicken, pork, seafood, tomatoes, and beans. Garlic is a popular flavor used in all cuisines all over the world. The possibilities are endless with this flavor. Great for making garlic pasta sauce, garlic bread, and dips.

All Natural, no artificial flavors or additional ingredients.

Pasta, baked or mashed potatoes; rice; drizzle on steaks before grilling. Grilled lamb, chicken, marinades, brushed on vegetables to be roasted or grilled, brushed on turkey before roasting, for bread dipping, or in aioli.

Fig, Sicilian Lemon, Greek Seasoning, Neapolitan Herb, Fig Rosemary, and Traditional Style Balsamic Vinegar

Garlic Olive Oil

INGREDIENTS: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Flavors
MADE FROM: Arbequina Olives
All natural, gluten-free, no msg, no alcohol, and free of any peanut products.



Customer Reviews

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Paulette Hopson
Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Real good flavor. Love it.
Will buy again. WOW!!!

Great finish

As with all the flavored oils, the are great in salads and as a finishing touch to vegetables and fish. Saves me a lot of time when I am rushed and don’t feel like prepping fresh ingredients.

Sandra Carver
Eminently Palatable

The California Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is eminently palatable! I am a vegetarian, so I, pretty much, use it on everything. I highly recommend this product.

Best Olive oil around

very tasty olive oil - love the diversity of flavors. Emilio is very informative and accommodating. Great place to shop.

Kristin Anglin
A staple in my home

One of the best everyday olive oils I use. The garlic is potent and fresh. I use this to make chicken, marinades and salad dressings



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