🇵🇪 Criolla (PERU) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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*Harvest: MAY 2023 | Country of Origin: PERU
Robust Intensity

This incredible medium-intensity Criolla EVOO from Peru is fabulously harmonious and
has a delightful medium-high intensity. The oil’s lovely floral aromas contrast with flavors of fresh passion fruit juice, green apple, and green banana. This unique table-olive cultivar contains undertones of mint, cinnamon, fresh herbs, and black pepper.

*First Cold Pressed | Extra Virgin
*Polyphenols: 482 mg/kg (PPM)                        

*FFA: 0.13%
*Oleic Acid: 68.2%                   
*Peroxide: 3.1
*DAGs 1,2: 94.8%                           
*Smoke Point: 415° F


Great for any culinary use - Sautéing, grilling, roasting, frying, baking, finishing dishes.

Pairs with: 

Any Balsamic and Vinegar in our selection.

Nutritional Facts

Ingredients: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Country of Origin: Peru
Olive Variety: Criolla
All natural, gluten-free, no msg, no alcohol, and free of any peanut products.

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Better than anything you can buy at the supermarket

Crisp, peppery, and super fresh. I stopped buying olive oil in my neighborhood stores after discovering Georgetown Olive Oil. Particularly love that they have harvest date specified on the bottle. You just cannot find such fresh olive oil on the regular stores.