Sriracha Salt

Sriracha Salt

$ 10.95

Garnish - Garnish your eggs or starches with Sriracha Salt to add a zesty flare. 
Blend - Bring your standard condiments and sauces to life, or make your own, by blending in Sriracha Salt.
Enhance - Maximize the flavor of any snack or veggie with a sprinkle of this spicy salt.

Spice up your meals with this flavorful salt that will wake your tastebuds up. 

  • Meat - Burgers, Steak, Chicken Salad
  • Starches - Ramen & Potatoes
  • Eggs - Breakfast with a flare
  • Condiments - Ketchup, Mayo, and Aoli 
  • Snacks - Popcorn, Tortilla Chips
  • Veggies - Brussel Sprouts, Green Beans

Origin: USA
Description: Sea salt combined with peppers and garlic powder create a salt with a spicy flare. 
Packaging: 4oz glass shaker
Grain Size: Fine (good for cooking)
Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sriracha Spice Blend
Shelf Life: 5 years
Uses: Cooking/food seasoning, table salt. Can also be used as a bath salt.

Sriracha Salt is KOSHER CERTIFIEDVAAD Sun-K Kosher Certification