Frantoio (SPAIN)
Frantoio (SPAIN)
Frantoio (SPAIN)

Frantoio (SPAIN)

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*Harvest: OCT 2018 | Country of Origin: SPAIN
Robust Intensity

This Spanish Frantoio is a robust, high polyphenol, green, spicy olive oil, that is also very bitter and pungent too. It has very little ripe fruit flavor, but it is floral and bursting with a complex of herbaceous flavors dominated by green tea, mint, nettle, and black pepper. This Frantoio should add a lot of spicy, herbal zing to many rich, flavorful foods.

*Polyphenols: 597 PPM                        
*FFA: 0.19%
*Oleic Acid: 70.3%                   
*Peroxide: 6
*DAGs 1,2: 97%                           
*PPP: <1.0%
*K232: 2
*Smoke Point: 410° F

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Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitiness: 7.0 Bitterness: 3.0 Pungency: 3.5
*As measured at the time of crush.

Great for any culinary use - Sautéing, grilling, roasting, frying, baking, finishing dishes.

Any Balsamic and Vinegar in our selection.

Ingredients: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
*Harvest: OCT 2018
Country of Origin: SPAIN
Olive Variety: Frantoio
All natural, gluten-free, no msg, no alcohol, and free of any peanut products.





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