Recycling program

Reuse and Save

/In-store Program/

We are unique, healthy and strive to be environmentally friendly. We encourage you to reuse our olive oil and vinegar bottles and we are extending you 10% Discount on all your Refills. 

Bring back your clean and dry Georgetown Olive Oil 200ml or 375ml bottle, refill it with any of our products and save 10% (we will recork and reseal your bottle) 

How to clean your bottle?

  • In your dishwasher with heated dry option
  • Rinse with very hot soapy water several times and let it air dry or dry it in the oven at 100 degrees for 5-7 min 

** We can only refill completely clean and dry bottles. This protects the product! We appreciate your understanding!

Let`s save the planet one bottle at a time!

See you soon!