What is in McDonald's French Fries?

Everybody loves french fries. Best compliment to beer, hamburger, or a meal by itself. McDonald's has really good french fries (good does not aways equals healthy).

So, how do they make them? McDonald's has revealed everything that goes into its famous golden french fries in a new video hosted by Grant Imahara of "Mythbusters." The video that shows what are the ingredients to make their french fries is now mysteriously nowhere to be found on the web. I saw the video first released and even though McDonald's fries are made from real non GMO potatoes, there are 19 ingredients involved before the fries make it to your plate.

My explanation for the missing videos is - this video was counterproductive of what McDonald's intended. The person explaining all the 19 ingredients and their role in the process of making fries got so confused halfway through the list and got so unconvinced himself of how heathy these fries are. It is not easy to explain 19 ingredients (17 of which are chemicals) in a dish that should have only two. 

When I do fries at home, I only use Oil and Potatoes. What do you use? 

Please, take a moment and watch the vide below that gives you some idea of the whole McDonald's fries story. 

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